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The Sandbox - a game for minecraft lovers

The Sandbox – a classic game in the Minecraft genre. It’s implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own marketplace. Sandbox - an analogue of the famous game, which is the most popular in its genre.


dapp the sandbox

The essence of The Sandbox game

The meaning of this game is very similar to the idea of Minecraft, but the concept is improved, thanks to the blockchain and the domestic market of goods. The platform further stimulates users to create the Sandbox worlds and decorate them with unusual objects. Here, players create amazing things, such as:

  • full landscapes;
  • characters with the unique traits;
  • interactive elements (water, metal, electricity);
  • complete arcade game levels with the controlled heroes and several game styles.

Each site, created on this platform, is fully owned by the user. This is due to the introduction of tokens. The platform creators are sure that a properly integrated blockchain system positively affects both the creative user experience and the economic state of the game. More than 100,000 worlds are created daily on the platform.

Why you should choose The Sandbox?

This project is a unique game with a large community. Blockchain is able to generate revenue for both registered players and project developers.

A multiplayer mode is available in the Sandbox. Players can create maps, mazes, puzzles and invite friends to their world.The Sandbox

To date, Sandbox Evolution has over 40,000,000 downloads in the Play Market app. Moreover, the average rating is - 4.2. In addition, a little more than 193,000 reviews were received. In the App Store, the rating is slightly better - 4.3 for 3,900 reviews. While the other less popular games of the Pixowl team have an average of 1,000,000 downloads.

Developers provide a complete information about the project in the White Paper, as well as the Road Map, where the development stages are marked. There is no information on the availability of the smart contract audit.

Возможности для заработка в dapp

Despite the fact that there are no free giveaways and airdrops, the store periodically holds sales or discounts on goods. To stay up to date with all the news, subscribe to the official social networks (twitter, telegram, facebook, instagram).

Available options of the earnings:

Mining of created resources and further sale This includes all types of mining and crafting. For example, the creation of premises with farms and workshops. The most affordable, but less productive way to increase capital.
PVP and PVE battles This area includes all types of earnings on quests, tournaments and other similar competitions.
Creating boxes, skins, textures Improvement of these structures is aimed at subsequent sale or rental. This earnings is more suitable for the creators of 3D models.
Creating games, locations In these systems, a paid input is installed. This type of earnings is suitable for players with experience and 3D creators.

The Sandbox ecosystem has its own token - SAND. First of all, the token is the basis for payments on the marketplace. In addition, you can earn SAND tokens by winning games, created by other people, or selling entrance tickets to your world.

Dapp The Sandbox
Dapps The Sandbox

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