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KPMG speaks out on the Metaverse

KPMG speaks out on the Metaverse

Nov 18, 2022

Representatives of a division of the Australian consulting company KPMG said that the metaverses have a real opportunity to change a lot of areas of life. And it is large firms that will be able to contribute to the adoption of technology.

James Mabbott, a partner at KPMG Futures, noted that the company's clients are increasingly interested in the metaverse. Increasingly, KPMG employees began to meet and make deals for the distribution of representative offices of various companies in the metaverse. Metaverse technology implements new and more efficient ways to communicate between businesses and consumers.

It seems to me that interesting ways to use the metaverse for business will soon be presented. And it is institutional investments that will contribute to the development of the metaverses.James Mabbott

Mabbott believes that the metaverse will be able to provide a new growth point for different companies, as well as create new options for achieving profit. To develop this area, KPMG Australia has created a new job "Head of Metaverse Futures".

James stated that at the moment the number of users of Metaverse is small, but various experiments are currently taking place in this system, so this industry has prospects for further development. KPMG Futures expects Metaverse to grow rapidly in popularity.

A little earlier, the leaders of The Sandbox said that in order for the multiverse to continue its development, you need to put user experience first.


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