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MakerDAO will introduce 2 new tokens

MakerDAO will introduce 2 new tokens

Mar 13, 2024

MakerDAO, a well-known stablecoin issuer, has announced the launch of the first phase of its ambitious Endgame project, scheduled for the summer of 2024. The project's founder, Rune Christensen, shared this news on the official DAO governance forum, revealing plans to release two new tokens tentatively named NewStable and NewGovToken. This move is part of a broader strategy aimed at developing and expanding the MakerDAO ecosystem.

The Endgame project will be implemented in several stages, starting with the introduction of a new brand, followed by the issuance of two digital assets. Users will be offered the opportunity to upgrade existing DAI and Maker (MKR) tokens for use in new staking and yield farming features. Additionally, the implementation of a range of innovative features is planned, including the Lockstake Engine for freezing tokens for extended periods to earn additional rewards, as well as the creation of a new bridge for integrating Maker tokens with the Ethereum network and potentially developing a unique Layer 2 network.

Special attention is being given to the SparkDAO project, the first SubDAO from Maker, which has already generated significant interest on social media. It is expected that the developers of SparkDAO will soon introduce their own token. This credit product, launched a year ago, continues to expand its functionality, including the tokenization of real assets and perpetual swaps.

The completion of the final stage of MakerDAO's development entails three more stages after the initial launch, allowing for the scaling of the Maker SubDAO and the launch of a new Layer 1 blockchain. DAO Maker is a blockchain platform and ecosystem supporting companies and projects in creating, financing, and managing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), offering solutions for voting and decision-making within organizations.


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