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MegaWorld Introduces Important $MEGA Updates

MegaWorld Introduces Important $MEGA Updates

Mar 11, 2024

The MegaWorld team has shared important updates regarding the $MEGA token, announcing the introduction of the Redemption Program on March 15, the same day the 4th batch of OTC sales with 1 million available tokens will begin. Following the launch of $MEGA token sales in the form of OTC deals last month, the MegaWorld team returns with significant updates for the token ahead of the public launch of MegaWorld Express in the second quarter, an MMO courier service simulator that is currently in closed alpha testing.

What will change? According to the latest announcement on Discord and Twitter/X thread over the weekend, developers announced that they are increasing the token tax until the end of the month, meaning that now, for a limited time, more tokens will be required to collect resources in production, industrial, and energy buildings. Excess tokens will go to the Treasury, with plans for distribution through liquidity incentive programs along with staking.

Another significant change is the introduction of a lock-up period for token usage to unlock Perks in Districts, meaning that after activating a Perk, at least 15 days must pass before $MEGA can be deposited into the desired District. If you wish to continue using activated Perks, no additional action is required, as stated in the Discord message, tokens will be automatically locked.

And finally, due to liquidity issues encountered during closed alpha testing awaiting listings on CEX, the team has decided to launch the $MEGA buyback program, through which players can conduct OTC buyback deals starting from March 15, providing holders with the opportunity to sell accumulated tokens.

When will the 4th batch of OTC begin? It has been announced that the 4th batch of OTC will start on March 15, offering 1 million $MEGA tokens for purchase in the form of deals through the counter. Anyone wishing to participate in this batch will need to place a minimum order of 10,000 $MEGA tokens.

Following this batch will be the 5th batch, which will also offer 1 million tokens. The date of this final sale is not available at the time of writing.


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