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Nokia is counting on the prospects of the metaverse in its strategy until 2030

Nokia is counting on the prospects of the metaverse in its strategy until 2030

Mar 2, 2024

Telecommunications giant Nokia has outlined its ambitious plans for the next decade, focusing on the metaverse, Web3, and artificial intelligence as key growth areas. In its report "Nokia's Technology Strategy for 2030," the company emphasizes its commitment to creating next-generation network infrastructure that meets the increasing demands of the innovative market. It is expected that the demand for network services will increase by 22-25% by 2030, driven by the widespread adoption of generative AI-based devices and virtual reality technologies.

Nokia plans to significantly invest in the development of its network equipment and services portfolio, with a special focus on decentralization, blockchain, and smart contracts. The company sees the metaverse as a means to expand human potential and spatial computing. As part of its strategy, Nokia will also focus on the development of AI, Industry 5.0, API economy, and the cloud continuum.

In 2022, Nokia opened two laboratories to study the metaverse and related technologies, and in 2023, it began experimenting with a range of industrial and large-scale initiatives in this area. One of the key achievements was the development of future network architecture based on digital twin technology, which will enable the creation of highly accurate virtual models of physical objects for testing and prototyping. The application of the metaverse has already found practical use in South Australia, where Nokia uses it to train aviation specialists in servicing Cessna aircraft using augmented reality.

These plans and initiatives underscore Nokia's commitment to innovation and its readiness to play a key role in shaping the future of the digital economy and the metaverse.


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