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The launch of Forever Has Fallen in the Web3 metaverse

The launch of Forever Has Fallen in the Web3 metaverse

Mar 21, 2024

On March 19, 2024, in the Web3 metaverse, the launch of a new game called "Forever Has Fallen" took place. This project represents an interactive story with an exciting gameplay, offering players unique entertainment on the Web3 platform. The game features quest rooms where participants can become bounty hunters and receive rewards.

The game's plot revolves around the mystery of the collapse of "The Forever Social" - an organization promising digital immortality. Players are tasked with uncovering the truth about the accusations of murder against Swedish billionaire Karl-Axel Mattiasson, which led to the destruction of his company.

An interesting aspect of the game is a podcast that allows players to listen to it on the go, as well as finding clues in online quest rooms. Players can immerse themselves in the narrative, which will take them to fictional websites and characters on social media. By unraveling mysteries, players can win rewards and Easter eggs.

The monetization model in the game utilizes NFTs in the form of Headhunter Tickets (BHT), which grant access to the experience in the metaverse. The ticket sales system was created on the Polkadot Parachain network Unique Network. Players can earn and sell three types of tickets on the market, each valued at $10.

The "Forever Has Fallen" community achieved significant success last month, recording an instantaneous creation of 4,930 NFTs per minute. Collaboration with Unique Network and Polkadot ensures a smoother user engagement process on the platform.

The game utilizes blockchain technology, offering an extensive digital experience with opportunities for player collaboration and interaction. Ultimately, it invites players to solve puzzles and participate in the game as a series of mysteries unfolds.

In the near future, "Forever Fallen" plans to introduce additional features, including voting mechanisms, special events, and more. This will allow bounty hunters to create, sell, and share content for a more interactive ecosystem in the game.


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