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Blum: the possibilities of centralized and decentralized exchange

Jul 3, 2024
Blum: the possibilities of centralized and decentralized exchange

Blum – a unique crypto project representing a hybrid trading platform that combines the features of centralized and decentralized exchanges. The project is implemented as a mobile application on Telegram, providing users with convenient and fast access to functionality directly within the messenger.

Currently, Blum is in the active development stage. Users can already use a mini-application on Telegram, which allows farming Blum Points (the $BP token). All earned points will be converted into tokens by the end of the year, giving users a unique opportunity to become part of the evolving Blum ecosystem.


Blum on the Telegram platform

What are Blum and Blum Farming?

Blum – a decentralized trading platform on Telegram, providing opportunities for token trading using both centralized (CEX) and decentralized platforms (DEX), as well as simplified derivatives trading. Users can make deals with futures and buy coins of various networks through the mobile application or mini-application within Telegram. Unlike centralized crypto exchanges (CEX), where access to certain tokens may be limited, and decentralized platforms, which are often complex to use, Blum offers a convenient and simple solution. Moreover, Blum does not store users' funds; instead, users can create a multi-party wallet (MPC) or connect existing wallets such as Ton Wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask, and others.

Project Name Blum
Application on Telegram BlumCryptoBot
Launch Date April 2024
Services Mini-game, task completion, future - decentralized exchange, non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, currency purchase and exchange, NFT, p2p
Cryptocurrencies More than 30 blockchains (Solana, Cosmos, Ethereum, TON, Binance Smart Chain, Elrond, Polygon, Stacs, Arbitrum, Tron, Gnosis)
Format Mini-application in Telegram
Verification No verification
Project Website

Blum Farming – an innovative strategy in the cryptocurrency world that allows users to earn free tokens or coins from new projects before their official launch or mining. Named after its first project Blum, this method emphasizes community engagement and rewards early supporters with free cryptocurrency.

The main goal is to accumulate these rewards through various activities and tasks, providing participants early access to new digital assets.

With Blum Farming, you can not only deepen your knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies but also increase your assets by participating in activities that are rewarded with free tokens. This is a great opportunity for those who want to be among the first participants in new projects and benefit before their wide distribution.

Who founded the Blum project and what do the creators promise?

The Blum project is backed by a highly qualified team. The founders are former Binance executives for the CIS and Asia: Vladimir Smerkis and Gleb Kostarev. The team also includes Vladimir Maslyakov, who is a co-founder and technical director.

Gleb Kostarev, co-founder and CEO: Former vice-president of Binance with extensive experience in Asia, Eastern Europe, the CIS, Turkey, and ANZ. Gleb has significant skills in operations management, strategy development, company growth, as well as product and regional development.

Vladimir Smerkis, co-founder and executive director: Has extensive corporate experience working at global companies such as Red Bull and Binance in Central Asia and the CIS. Vladimir is an expert in marketing, business development, and communications.

Vladimir Maslyakov, co-founder and technical director: Has 24 years of experience in finance, high-frequency trading (HFT), and blockchain technologies. As the former technical director of Exante, Vladimir specializes in technology, architecture, and development.

The founders also made several promises:

  1. Support for more than 30 major blockchains, gathering all your cryptocurrencies in one place. Forget about the need to constantly switch between platforms — it's convenient and simple.
    • Classic tokens
    • Meme coins
    • New and popular L1/L2 tokens
  2. Ease of use: trade without network switching, no gas fees in native tokens, and without endless transaction confirmations.
  3. Local P2P trading: discover global opportunities by trading in your local currency.
  4. Trading directly in Telegram: a unique experience using a mini-application designed for mobile devices and incorporating gameplay elements.
  5. Decentralized exchange: the application will allow trading from wallets such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask with just one transaction.

How to easily farm tokens in Blum: a step-by-step guide

Blum allows not only to play but also to earn tokens! Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the Blum Telegram bot.
  2. Press the "Start Farming" button to start mining.
  3. Wait for 8 hours.
  4. Return to the bot and press "Claim" to collect the mined tokens.
  5. Press "Start Farming" again to start a new cycle.

Repeat steps 3-5 to continuously farm Blum tokens.

Here is what the "Start Farming" button looks like:

Blum: a simple and accessible way to earn cryptocurrency

After starting Blum Farming, the button will change. It will display a timer showing when the farming cycle will end. Once the time expires, you need to enter the bot and press the button to collect your farmed tokens.


Your total Blum Token balance is always available at the top of the screen, allowing you to track the amount of tokens you have earned.


And as in many similar projects, you can additionally earn on referrals, but invites to Blum are limited - you will be given only 5 invites.

With the new Drop game feature in Blum, you can also replenish your balance. First, go to the bot, where you will see a block with a green snowflake and the inscription "Drop Game". It is important to have diamonds (Game Pass) displayed under the name. If you have diamonds, press the "Play" button and start playing. One diamond is deducted for each attempt.

Blum: a simple and accessible way to earn cryptocurrency - news

Here you need to click on the green snowflakes for 30 seconds, for which you can additionally earn the in-game token $BP.

Diamonds for the Drop Game can be obtained by inviting friends and for daily login to the bot. Additional $BP tokens are also awarded for daily login to the bot.

Rewards for daily login to the bot are distributed as follows:

  • 1 day – 10 BP + 5 diamonds
  • 2 days – 20 BP + 2 diamonds
  • 3 days – 30 BP + 3 diamonds
  • 4 days – 40 BP + 4 diamonds
  • 5 days – 50 BP + 5 diamonds
  • 6 days – 60 BP + 6 diamonds
  • 7 days – 70 BP + 7 diamonds

Blum's prospects and token sales

Blum Farming has the potential to replicate the success of $NOTcoin thanks to active community engagement, offering early access to tokens, minimizing financial risk, and stimulating network growth through referral programs.

Blum Farming offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts several advantages:

  1. Early Access - Get the opportunity to enter at the early stage of new projects and potentially earn significant rewards in the form of free cryptocurrency before its release to the general public.
  2. Low Risk - By earning tokens for free by completing tasks, you minimize financial risks.
  3. Community Building - Engage with like-minded individuals and become an active member of the project community, opening up new opportunities.
  4. Diversification - Blum Farming allows diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio by earning free tokens from various projects.

Blum Farming represents an excellent opportunity for those who want to support new and promising projects, minimize financial risks, and develop their involvement in the cryptocurrency community. Don't miss the chance to enter at the early stages and gain significant benefits in the future.

Token Sales

Currently, it is not possible to sell Blum BL tokens. This will become possible only after they are listed on exchanges. The developers also promise a built-in exchange in the application, which may allow trading tokens directly through the application.


In conclusion, it can be confidently said that Blum is indeed a significant project on Telegram. Unlike other clickers, which are often just meme coins, Blum stands out with its technological sophistication and thorough approach. The project strives for transparency and is open to users, especially for the audience from the CIS, which is undoubtedly its great advantage.

In less than a month, Blum has attracted more than 2,000,000 users. The developers regularly improve and update the bot on Telegram. An important advantage is that you don't need to be online 24/7 – it's enough to log in three times a day to collect rewards from the bot. For using Blum io, you don't need to download anything – the game is available directly in the Telegram bot.


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