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BONKbot: Revolution in trading on Solana via Telegram

Mar 15, 2024
BONKbot: Revolution in trading on Solana via Telegram

The cryptocurrency industry is continuously evolving, with convenience and speed becoming key factors for traders. Enter BONKbot, a unique trading bot for Telegram, developed for the Solana blockchain. As an official partner of the $BONK community, BONKbot stands out among others, offering a simplified and effective trading experience, attractive to both newcomers and veterans of the cryptocurrency world.


BONKbot: Revolutionizing Trading on Solana through Telegram - news

What is BONKbot?

BONKbot revolutionizes the way of trading on the Solana blockchain. It allows traders to execute transactions directly through Telegram, eliminating the complexities often associated with cryptocurrency trading platforms. Users can quickly initiate a buy transaction by simply pasting the token address into Telegram. BONKbot includes a referral system that allows earning percentages from the commissions of referred friends, and provides a PNL overview for managing positions and tracking market capitalization, profits after fees, liquidity, token balance, and recent price changes. This simplicity allows bypassing the usual steps of connecting wallets, setting slippage, or waiting for transaction confirmations.

Key Features and Benefits

The ease of use of BONKbot is one of its key advantages. Users can immediately engage in trading by simply pasting token addresses, without the need to spend time connecting wallets or confirming transactions. This bot is not only about simplicity but also about speed and efficiency.

Thanks to integration with Jupiter, BONKbot ensures fast transactions, allowing users to effortlessly manage their trades and positions.

In addition to a user-friendly interface, BONKbot provides detailed trading analysis. This includes access to various data, such as:

  • profit;
  • market capitalization;
  • price changes
  • net profit.

This comprehensive information is invaluable for understanding market trends and making informed trading decisions.

Regarding the withdrawal of funds and management of private keys, BONKbot offers flexible options. Users can easily withdraw SOL from their BONKbot wallet and export their private keys, ensuring increased control and security over their assets.

BONKbot is equipped with advanced features, including protection against Miner Extractable Value (MEV) in «Secure» and «Turbo» modes. The bot also offers an Auto Buy option for instant token purchases and a referral program, where users earn a percentage of trading commissions.

BONKbot: Revolutionizing Trading on Solana through Telegram - news

Support for $BONK Token

BONKbot plays a key role in supporting the BONK meme-coin, a token on the Solana blockchain. As an integral part of the BONK ecosystem, BONKbot directly contributes to the utility and circulation of the token. One of the key features is the Bonk Buy and Burn mechanism, where 100% of the fees generated from trades conducted through BONKbot are used to purchase BONK tokens. This process not only injects liquidity into the BONK market but also involves strategic burning of 10% of all collected fees.

This burning mechanism is critical as it reduces the total supply of BONK tokens, potentially increasing their scarcity and value. Moreover, BONKbot enhances the trading experience for BONK token holders, providing a fast, efficient, and convenient platform on Telegram, making it easier for enthusiasts and traders to interact with the BONK meme-coin, thereby fostering a more active and engaged community around the token on the Solana network.

The support and community engagement of BONKbot is matched by quality customer service. An extensive FAQ section addresses a wide range of user questions, from wallet management to specific error messages. For issues not covered in the FAQ, users can turn to the BONKbot moderator team via a dedicated chat group in Telegram for assistance.

Guide to Setting Up and Using BONKbot

To start using BONKbot, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, open Telegram and search for BONKbot by its username BONKbot_bot or visit the official website of the project. Then, press the “Start” button or enter the “/start” command to activate the bot.

BONKbot: Революция в торговле на Solana через Telegram - news

After this, the bot will proceed to create your personal wallet and inform you of its address. Copy the provided wallet address. Next, using your primary Solana wallet, such as Phantom or Backpack, transfer $SOL to it.

BONKbot: Революция в торговле на Solana через Telegram - news

The final step is to verify the receipt of $SOL in your BONKbot wallet. This guide is intended for those who want to start trading Solana coins quickly and without unnecessary complications using the BONKbot Telegram bot.

Managing Trading Positions

Once you have the native token in your account, you can efficiently manage your trading position. Simply select the "Manage Positions" option. The team has developed and provided a set of data aimed at assisting your development as a trader. In this data set, you will find up-to-date information on recent price changes, allowing you to better understand the current market trends.

In the management section, you will see:

Parameter Description
Current Profit Presented in both percentage and absolute numbers.
Current Asset Value Expressed in US dollars and Sol.
Token Market Capitalization The market value of the token you have acquired.
Price Change Dynamics For the last 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 24 hours.
Net Profit Calculated taking into account price impact, DEX commissions DEX, and 1% BONKbot fee.
Initial Investment Value The amount of initial investment.
Token Balance The number of tokens in your account.
Profit Including Slippage Profit calculated taking into account slippage.
Wallet Balance The total amount of funds in your wallet.

This information is designed to provide you with all the necessary tools for intelligent and conscious management of your investments and trading strategies.

BONKbot represents a significant step forward in cryptocurrency trading on Solana. Its integration with Telegram makes it highly accessible to a broad audience. With features such as auto-buy, MEV protection, and detailed trading analysis, BONKbot meets the needs of both novice and experienced traders. By simplifying the trading process and providing valuable insights, BONKbot is well-positioned to become an integral tool in the cryptocurrency trading community.


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