News and Analytics A Marketplace for Creating and Selling NFTs on the TON Blockchain

Jul 8, 2024 A Marketplace for Creating and Selling NFTs on the TON Blockchain

In the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT), Getgems holds a special place. This decentralized marketplace, built on the TON blockchain, offers a wide range of features for creating, buying, and selling unique digital assets.

Getgems positions itself as a "next-generation marketplace", focusing on low fees, high transaction speeds, and scalability. The platform is also integrated with TON Diamonds.

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Getgems: Creating and Selling NFTs

What is Getgems and How Does It Work? is an innovative NFT marketplace operating on the The Open Network (TON) blockchain, providing users with a unique opportunity to buy, sell, and exchange digital assets. It resembles large online stores like Ozon or AliExpress, but instead of physical goods, Getgems trades NFTs — unique digital objects that represent rights to specific virtual goods or works of art.

Getgems marketplace — is the home of NFTs on TON. In short, you can launch NFT collections here, purchase art for collecting or trading, analyze the NFT market on TON, create your own projects, or be part of the community and participate in various activities, shared by the team

The Getgems marketplace operates on a simple and intuitive principle. It is integrated with the TON blockchain, allowing it to "see" and display all NFT collections and individual NFTs within them.

Top Getgems Collections

Users can easily interact with these digital assets through various platform features. On Getgems, you can create new NFTs, trade them, transfer them to other users, save them in personal collections, and even like your favorite items.

To ensure convenience and efficiency in working with NFTs, the platform is equipped with all necessary tools. The marketplace has sections dedicated to trading and data analysis, allowing users to track market dynamics and make informed decisions. In the statistics section, you can see all the necessary information about trading operations, the popularity of specific collections, and overall activity on the platform. The transaction history allows users to view their past deals and analyze their investments. is not just another NFT shop. The platform focuses on four key features:

  • Intuitive Interface. One of the main strengths of is its simple and convenient interface. Users can easily register, create a wallet, and start trading NFTs without deep technical knowledge. The platform offers step-by-step guides and support, making the process even more accessible.
  • Content Variety. offers a wide range of digital assets: from artworks and music tracks to game items and collectible cards. This makes the platform attractive to various audiences, whether artists, musicians, or gamers.
  • Security and Reliability. The security of users and their assets is a priority for The platform uses advanced encryption technologies and smart contracts to ensure a high level of data and transaction protection. Additionally, actively collaborates with leading blockchain platforms, guaranteeing the reliability and stability of the service.
  • Community and Support. actively develops its community, offering users participation in various events, contests, and auctions. The platform also provides round-the-clock support, allowing for quick resolution of arising questions and issues.

Thanks to these features, becomes attractive to a wide audience of users, whether they are newcomers to the NFT world or experienced collectors. The platform not only facilitates access to digital assets but also provides a reliable and secure environment for trading, fostering the development and prosperity of the NFT ecosystem.

Guide to Working with NFTs on the TON Blockchain

Before diving into working with NFTs on the TON blockchain, it's important to remember two key terms: NFT and minting.

NFT (Non-fungible token) - a unique digital object hosted on a blockchain platform. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are fungible (one Bitcoin equals another Bitcoin), each NFT is unique and cannot be replaced by another identical token.

Minting - the process of creating an NFT and placing it on the blockchain, which literally means "coinage." During minting, the NFT receives a unique address and is recorded on the blockchain. Minting incurs a fee in the form of cryptocurrency (the so-called gas, or transaction fee), but on the TON network, this cost is quite low.

Creating an NFT with Getgems

Currently, the marketplace offers manual minting, allowing the creation of one NFT at a time. This is because existing crypto wallets can only sign one transaction at a time, leading to such limitations.

First, log in to Getgems using your wallet. Then, prepare the materials for the NFT: image, title, and description.

Step 1. On the main page or in your profile, click "Create" and select "A single NFT".


Step 2. Upload the image, add a title and description.

Creating a new NFT

Step 3. Ensure everything is correct and click "Create NFT". Then pay the blockchain fee for minting the NFT.

Step 4. If everything is done correctly, the NFT will be added to your collection.

Adding NFT

Buying and Selling NFTs

If you already have a wallet on the TON platform, such as Tonkeeper or Tonhub, the process of buying NFTs will be extremely simple. Just click the «Buy» button on the NFT page and confirm the transaction. The system will handle the rest automatically. Just make sure you have enough funds in your wallet for the purchase, and choose the NFTs you like!

To list your NFT for sale, first open it.

NFT management page in Getgems

Then click the “Put on Sale” button and in the pop-up window, specify the price of the NFT. Remember that a 5% commission is charged on sales, so the final amount received after the sale will be reduced by this commission.

Choosing the NFT price

Ensure the details are correct, click the “Make For Sale” button, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and pay the fee for listing the NFT for sale on the blockchain.

Below is a table of wallet balance requirements for conducting NFT transactions:

Condition Required Balance Notes
General recommendation At least 0.3 $TON The fee is blocked with a reserve, and the "change" is returned to the balance after the operation
Sales contracts until April 11, 2024 At least 1.1 $TON -
Custom NFT contracts (not created on Getgems) Up to 0.5 $TON The refund depends on third-party code

If all actions are performed correctly, your NFT will be successfully listed for sale. In this same window, you can remove the NFT from sale by clicking the “Remove From Sale” button.

How to Work with Collections on

On the Getgems marketplace, there is a section with top collections for the day, week, month, and all time. All collections minted on the TON blockchain appear in this section after automatic indexing. For a collection to make it to the top, it must have at least one sale, and the list updates approximately every hour.

The principle of moving up the ranks is simple: the higher the trading volume of a collection during a specified period, the higher it will be on the list. This way, you can see the "rising stars" of NFTs on TON, which have recently appeared and are actively selling - such collections will be at the top.

Adding Your Own Collection

Creating a collection through the Getgems website interface is no more complicated than uploading photos to a social network. The process is the same as when adding a single NFT - you need to log in, select what you want to create, and fill in the required parameters.

On the main page or from your profile, click the “Create” button and select “A collection”.

Adding an NFT Collection

In the pop-up window, fill in all the fields: name, description, and social media links. Upload the required images, such as an avatar and banner, and specify the royalty percentage — the deductions from each NFT sale in favor of the author.

Filling in the fields in the pop-up section

After filling in all the data, click the “Create a collection” button at the bottom of the window. You will also need to pay the gas fee and the fee for creating and adding the collection to the blockchain (approximately 0.05 + 0.02 TON).

Once the collection is created, you can start minting NFTs.

After minting, collections do not automatically appear on the main page as it is manually curated. This is because not only high-quality works but also prohibited content can be minted on the blockchain, which should not be available to the public. When deciding to add a collection to the main page, Getgems considers the following factors:

  1. The collection must contain at least 10 NFTs, created in a unified style.
  2. NFTs in the collection must be listed for sale, except for those held by holders.
  3. The collection must be original, meaning it should not contain works of others presented as one's own.

However, even meeting all these requirements does not guarantee that a collection will be featured on the main page. This is how the marketplace operates. You can submit your collection for review through the Getgems support bot.

Collection Verification

The old verification system that was in use until April 23, 2024, is no longer in effect.

The blue checkmark for a collection does not mean that the platform supports the project or its creators; it merely indicates that the collection has passed the verification procedure based on certain criteria. Getgems is not responsible for NFT collections or other projects displayed on the platform.

Collections are verified through the support bot on Telegram. Click the "I want to verify my collection" button in the bot interface and submit a verification request if you are the creator or owner of the collection. The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • The collection consists of original works.
  • The collection's total trading volume exceeds 10,000 TON.
  • The collection has at least 10 unique NFT holders.
  • There are counterfeits of the collection on the blockchain.

When submitting a verification request, provide a link to the collection and any counterfeits if applicable. The request can be reviewed for up to two weeks, but the Getgems team strives to hide counterfeit collections as quickly as possible.

Verification of a collection may be declined without explanation, and meeting all criteria does not guarantee its approval. The verification mark can also be removed by the Getgems administration without explanation.

Conclusion successfully occupies a unique niche in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT), offering users a next-generation platform based on the TON blockchain. Active community development and a robust security system complement the functional capabilities of Getgems, ensuring users have a comfortable experience with NFTs. Collection verification and careful content selection guarantee the quality and originality of the works presented on the platform.

Thus, Getgems not only facilitates access to digital assets but also contributes to the development and prosperity of the NFT ecosystem, attracting both newcomers and experienced collectors.


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