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Warped Games: the company that is rewriting the rules of Web3 gaming

Dec 21, 2023
Warped Games: the company that is rewriting the rules of Web3 gaming

Warped Games is a team aspiring to usher in a new era in the genre of sci-fi games. They are focused on overcoming technical and developmental barriers, advocating for fairness and genuine ownership rights. Their main goal is to attract players who can appreciate the exciting gaming universe full of adventures.


Warped Games: A Company Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming

About Warped Games

Warped Games is a team of experienced developers and designers who have worked on well-known projects including Lego Universe, Star Citizen, Jumpgate, Dragons & Titans, among others. They are innovators in the web3 gaming space, striving for innovations and being the first team to implement wallet connection and interactive NFT utilities in Unreal Engine 5 as part of the STARL Metaverse project. Their ambitions go beyond the ordinary, aiming for new horizons in the gaming industry.

In addition to the aforementioned experience, the company's merits include:

Aspect Description
Organizing Live Gaming Events Successful conduct of real-time gaming events, as demonstrated in the STARL Metaverse project.
Ethical Standards and Innovation Adherence to ethical standards and driving innovations in the industry.
Community Building Forming and supporting a strong gaming community.
Player Priority Always placing the player first, Warped Games stands not only as a star in the gaming galaxy but also as a guiding light leading players and studios into a new era of gaming.

Challenges and Solutions of Warped Games

Warped Games faces a number of problems characteristic of Web3 games. These challenges can be divided into five key areas:

  • Lack of connection between the main audience of gamers and Web3 game users;
  • Negative perception of Web3 among traditional gamers;
  • Technical barriers for newcomers;
  • Outdated graphics and design in many Web3 games;
  • "Pay-to-Win" mechanics, lack of fun and unfair gameplay.

To address these challenges, Warped Games aims to bridge the worlds of traditional gaming and Web3 enthusiasts. The team, with decades of experience in creating popular games, is focused on developing exciting games for everyone, adding a blockchain technology element for those interested in exploring it. The main principle is user convenience, making Warped Universe accessible to players of all levels.

The company plans to change negative attitudes towards Web3 gaming by subtly and optionally incorporating blockchain features. This ensures a smooth and attractive gameplay experience familiar to all gamers, while also offering the opportunity to discover the benefits of blockchain integration.

The company also intends to reduce technical barriers by integrating Warped Universe with popular gaming platforms such as Epic Games and the Apple App Store. This will facilitate access without requiring prior knowledge of blockchain technology.

Using Unreal Engine 5 and an experienced team, Warped Games ensures that their games will compete graphically with any other games on the market.

The company's developers adhere to the principles of fairness and enjoyment of the game for everyone. They firmly oppose the "Pay-to-Win" concept, preferring to create a balanced gaming environment where the main thing is the skills and efforts of the player. The design philosophy emphasizes enjoyment of the game, providing a gaming experience that encourages repeat participation and rewards the player's efforts, not financial investment.

Using existing tools and systems, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of Web3 and gaming, team developed a thoughtful approach to their projects, building not just something new, but building wisely, based on accumulated knowledge and advantages.

Warped Games: A Company Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming

The Internal Token $WARPED

The WARPED token is an ERC20 token deployed on the main Ethereum network. The total volume of $WARPED is 10 billion (10,000,000,000). It is the foundation of the Warped Games ecosystem, giving holders the opportunity to participate in game design decision-making, convert collectible items from Web2 to Web3, receive discounts on Warped goods and collectibles, and access exclusive gaming elements.

The WARPED token also plays a key role in the project's growth through a unique trade commission financing mechanism. This 4% commission applies when WARPED is exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. Special rates for STARL NFT holders are provided, which can be found on the website or in the frequently asked questions. Direct transactions between wallets are exempt from this tax.

On November 23, 2023, the pre-sale of the WARPED Utility Token was completed. This stage was marked by impressive results: explosive sales growth, reaching a goal of $1.185 million in just two hours. This is an important milestone for Warped Games in their journey of development in the dynamic web3 environment, overcoming obstacles in creating a unique gaming brand in an already saturated crypto game market and demonstrating unwavering dedication to their vision.


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