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DeFi budz.finance Binance BSC

budz.finance — building an innovative decentralized platform, offering high yield options. Leverage the symbiotic relationship between burning, staking and farming through DeFi for maximum growth and sustainability.


Description of the budz.finance project

budz.finance was based on the expression: the higher the better. Farmers need yields, LP varieties allow you to fly high while still producing some of the highest yields. BUDZ is a financial experiment, created by a team of aspiring enthusiasts, with the aim of bringing cannabis to the world of agriculture.

The developers chose Binance Smart Chain to launch with low fees, high safety and transaction speed in mind. budz.finance

Farming BUDZ in Growroom offers a high variable APY, allowing users to use multiple liquidity tokens to generate income, paid out in BUDZ. The APY for farming is calculated, using the aggregate value of your LP tokens and the value of the total BUDZ, grown over the year. This gives the variable APY, the price rises, followed by the farm APY. In agriculture, a period of half APY reduction is used, starting at 7 days, which is extended by another 7 days each new period. Anyone can cause a cut in half.

Features of use:

1 Placement of BUDZ with Seedvault will incur interest of at least 42.0% per annum, payable to BUDZ.
2 A minimum 7-day staking period from the last bet is used for staking.
3 Claim the accrued interest at any time during the term of your bet.

Burning BUDZ raises the price and maximizes staking profits. BUDZ accomplishes this by automatically recording a copy of the amount, burned in the BUDZ / BNB pairing contract at Pancakeswap. This increases the price along with using your burned amount as a metric to calculate your individual APY rate up to a maximum of 2x (84.0%), reach the maximum APY rate by burning a total of 50% of your wagered balance.

Additional information

Referring users to budz.finance rewards both users. Members receive a + 5% bonus forever on growing crops for using referral links. The referral must use the platform before referring others (e.g. farming, staking). Users cannot link to themselves. The site has an About section where you will find a description of the project. Also, there is a blog on the Medium platform. Articles are regularly published there.

The community also runs other social networks:

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DeFi budz.finance Binance BSC Statistics

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