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ChainZ Arena - Play and Earn
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Game ChainZ Arena - Play and Earn Binance BSC

ChainZ Arena - Play and Earn — an RPG game that provides a unique gameplay experience. Combine the forces of 4 elements to resist demons and save your kingdom.


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About ChainZ Arena - Play and Earn

The main objective in ChainZ Arena - Play and Earn - to participate in battles and earn tokens. The beauty of ChainZ Arena and SOULdrops - the more you play, the more SOUL Tokens you earn. By earning SOUL Tokens and freezing them, you also become a part of the daily SOULdrops.

Enjoy the bright and high-quality graphics of the game and earn valuable rewards.ChainZ Arena - Play and Earn

At the heart of ChainZ Arena is the idle RPG principle. You get success even when you pay minimal attention to the gameplay. This web game is adapted for both mobile phones and desktop computers. First of all, you need to select a blockchain and replenish your wallet with currency. After that, you can start playing on the platform. Summon heroes and defeat your opponents. With 4 different elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wood), 5 different classes (Ranger, Assassin, Tank, Archer, Mage), up to 15 Star Levels and Elemental Combinations, find the best combination to reign supreme.

There are many ways to make your heroes better and stronger:

1 Update specifications periodically.
2 Buy additional equipment.
3 Improve skills and abilities.

Modernization - the main component of character improvement. The higher the level of the hero, the stronger he is. After reaching certain threshold levels, your heroes can learn special skills. To improve your skills, you must collect and spend more Spell Books.

Arena fights

The PvP game mode in ChainZ takes place in the arena. You need to choose a team of 6 heroes to send them to battle with other participants. You can compete in this way up to 12 times a day. If you attack and win, you gain points while your opponent loses them. The rating in the standings depends on the number of scored points. This is important as there are additional rewards for top-level players.

What else should you know?

At the moment, there are no White Paper and RoadMap documents on the site. The developers provide only a brief description of the game on the main page. You can get a more detailed explanation by reading the article on the Medium platform. It describes not only the features of the gameplay, but also other important points.

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