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The Crypto You — an award winning online game

The Crypto You — an online game, based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can summon characters, complete daily missions, defeat monsters, collect rare items to play and earn. Heroes live on Planet Baby, and the richest resources are cryptocurrencies here. These resources are babies' closest friends, and babies will strive to protect them.


The Crypto You

About The Crypto You

Crypto You creates a world, where players can summon, raise and combine many cute child characters to fight back against the Dark Planet.

Some features:

Play and earn You can earn $ MILK and other rewards by playing the game and trading the market for profit.
Calling Baby Summon your little characters with $ BABY. You can also use your The Crypto You NFB for redemption.
Loot items Search weapons, armor, equipment, mounts and pets to increase your strength.

Build your team to defeat the dark force. Each character has a different talent, so make sure you set up your team combo well. Chat with over 100,000 players online for more gameplay tricks, strategies and experiences.

Users can mint their Baby in the “Get Your Baby” section. Minting a random character will cost 50 BABY. If you have The Crypto You NFB on BabySwap, you can exchange your NFB for the minting of the same playable character and your NFB will be burned. Each character will receive a random role / score / rarity in NFT form. Players can transfer / gift / sell characters on the market. Each address can mint or redeem up to 5 Baby per day. All characters are mostly classified as physical and magical, with other differences in attributes: strength, endurance, vitality, resilience, agility and mentality.

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Initially, baby characters are at level 1. You need to use a certain amount of MILK to level up your toddler. The higher the level, the more MILK you will need for the next level. You can earn MILK through daily mining, PVE, etc.

Level - one of the most important attributes of a child, so it will directly increase your mining power and efficiency, but it will not increase your core data. For a high-level mining task, babies with a compatible level are needed.The Crypto You

In PvE Combat, a child defeats invaders, challenges a boss and receives rewards such as MILK, Baby, tokens, keys, gear, and more. You can get more information about the project through the introductory document. With its help, each participant can study the project. From social networks, the community leads:

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Dapp The Crypto You
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