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KodaDot is a transparent NFT marketplace on Polkadot

KodaDot is an open NFT marketplace created on the Polkadot network. The project's goal is to create a universal platform for collaboration where creators, developers, and community members can unite to shape the future of NFTs on Polkadot.


The Development History of KodaDot

One of the co-founders of KodaDot, yangWao, discovered the potential of the Polkadot ecosystem while researching Substrate. He decided to delve deeper and created a web-based Subket. With this tool, users could:

  • Create a Substrate account with a mnemonic and hex seed phrase;
  • Load their account;
  • Sign data;
  • Verify signatures.

During his project, yangWao faced challenges and identified a lack of resources for Vue native developers in the Polkadot ecosystem. To address this problem, he joined forces with co-founder Viki and created a resource that includes libraries, utilities, and Vue.js classes. Their work received a grant in 2019.

Despite the success, yangWao and Viki wanted to make their creation more practical and useful for themselves. They tried different ideas, such as automated registration and visualizing blockchain blocks in AR/VR. However, these projects did not meet their expectations for continuous innovation and community collaboration.

Afterwards, the creators studied and understood the flexibility of Substrate data. The duo created the RMRK.app NFT reader, which became popular in the crypto community. This success inspired them to develop KodaDot, and after applying for the status of an NFT explorer, it became the first public good in the Dotsama ecosystem.

About KodaDot

KodaDot is a pioneering open NFT marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem.

We aim to create a platform for collaboration and contribution of creators, developers, and community members in the decision-making process, determined by the majority.

Being one of the first public projects on Kusama and Polkadot, the developers strive to defend the interests of the community, following the principles of openness and transparency in the development process. Anyone can contribute their ideas and leave feedback.

Currently, KodaDot supports trading NFTs according to 9 different standards across 6 different Polkadot networks. The platform consolidates many networks into one marketplace, making it easier to search and trade NFTs on Polkadot for everyone. The company's plans include using more carbon-neutral technologies and collaborating with ecological initiatives to offset emissions.

Main Principles of the Marketplace NFT

The main principles of development include inclusivity, collaboration, constructive feedback, and trust. KodaDot is a leading NFT marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem.

KodaDot standards include a wide range of NFT standards:

  • RMRK2;
  • ERC-721;
  • ERC-1155;
  • ERC-6551;
  • Uniques v1.1;
  • nft-pallet;
  • bsx-nft-pallet, and soon ink! NFTs.

The platform offers a simple and user-focused interface for easy navigation in the world of multi-chain NFTs.

Aspect Description
NFT Blockchains KodaDot is proud that its platform is deployed on various chains within the Polkadot framework. Starting with Kusama and Polkadot, through the Kusama Asset Hub and Polkadot Asset Hub, the resource covers such blockchains as Basilisk, Moonbeam and Moonriver.
Open-Source Development Following the philosophy of open source, KodaDot's development system is open for contributions from all community members. Developers eliminate the concept of "behind-the-scenes" activity, giving everyone equal opportunities for idea exchange and collaboration.

Getting Started KodaDot offers many features for creators and collectors. KodaDot is based on a simple and user-friendly platform for buying and selling NFTs with basic features. But it also offers more advanced features for those who want to get the most out of their NFT investment. These include the ability to combine NFTs into collections and create custom royalty structures, pricing offers, and more.

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