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Blockchain Art Exchange - digital art on blockchain

Blockchain Art Exchange - the platform for premium artists. In other words, this is digital art. The platform doesn’t have a WhitePaper document. But, if you describe the functionality of the site in general, this is the resource, where all artwork can be created on the model of the original. Users can even scan the original to create unique 1:1 copies. For this, the team of experts has developed a rating system, based on a specific criteria.


  1. Description of the Blockchain Art Exchange
  2. Using of a Blockchain technology
  3. What do digital standard scores mean in dapp?
  4. How does video art work on the blockchain exchange?
blockchain art exchange

Description of the Blockchain Art Exchange

Blockchain Art Exchange - a place, where artists can create unique “digital prints”. Prints are created from any work of art, such as:

  • video art;
  • painting;
  • digital photography;
  • jewelry design;
  • graphic design;
  • 3D-rendering or scans;
  • fashion design or virtual reality.

Blockchain Art Exchange is managed by the team of specialists. Therefore, this platform intends to storm this new market. The commitment of the team to any artist and consumer - to provide the best technological solutions for art on the blockchain. The team has plans to continue development of this amazing project for the mutual benefit of all players in the art market.

Using of a Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology allows you to create unique, traceable digital files that can be traded. They also include images and videos. This opens up a new form of art trading and exchange. And also creates a new way for artists to sell their work. Using this technology, the platform promotes the sale of prints. Some people buy natural art, while others purchase digital items for collections.

The project doesn’t have a RoadMap, so the team announces all new features in advance. All works of art are available for viewing in beta version now. In the near future, the team is going to create an application that will be compatible with all smart TVs, computers and smartphones. There you could view all types of art works that will be sold or bought on the platform. You can also learn about all improvements from the social networks of the project.

What do digital standard scores mean in dapp?

The ratings, shown in each illustration, reflect an important file quality information. There is no bonus program on the site, but, at the same time, you can improve the product quality and, thus, increase profits.

We are very cutting in our estimates. Jpegs will get D in the file format, and PPI 300 will also receive D, which most artists would call standard. We represent only the best of the best.Blockchain Art Exchange

This function was created so, that the buyer has an awareness of the product quality that he buys.

How does video art work on the blockchain exchange?

The Blockchain Art Exchange platform has released its video art collection, starting with Debra Fair artist. This is the first time the blockchain-based art project launches the video and, therefore, this method needs to be explained.

Why are videos uploaded to YouTube? To preview the art item, the video is uploaded to youtube. When someone buys this item, he gains an access to the main URL, which contains a link to the full file.
Main criteria Firstly, all types of work must be unique. Any prints must follow this rule. Secondly, video is different from other types of digital work. When working with video, this is the only real way to get acquainted with the art product. But the team isn’t going to release hundreds of videos, so there is a maximum - 10 issues of any video for each artist.
How to access my large file? At the moment, the resource interface is still improving, so there is no way to get a large file. This can be done by sending commands to the smart contract. But, at the moment, it’s easier to contact support after buying the video.

The developers of the service are working hard to complete the work on the site. They plan to re-launch in the coming months.

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