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dice2.win - blockchain gambling platform

Dice2.win – the entertainment platform, created on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides users with the opportunity to play simple, but exciting gambling. Here's the honest bet on the open source smart contract. Without registration and deposits, only 1% fee and the opportunity to win the jackpot.


dice2.win платформа

Description of the Dice2.win platform

Since this entertainment platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain, all draws, winnings and other items are calculated in the ETH cryptocurrency.

There are 4 games on the platform:

  • Coin flip;
  • Roll a dice;
  • Two dice;
  • Etheroll.

Depending on which game you choose for yourself, the resource will calculate the coefficient, as well as your chances of winning. At the same time, each game can be individually customized for the player, and you can increase or decrease your chances in the drawing by yourself. Please, note that the referral system and other bonuses are not here.

Description of games on the Dice2.win:

Coin flip

Heads or tails? 50/50. Winning bet pays up 1.98x.

Roll a dice

Bets on numbers from 1 to 6. Winning bet pays up to 5.94x.

Two dice

Bet on sum 2 to 12. Winning bet pays up to 35.64x.


Any win chance, from 1% to 97%. Winning bet pays up to 99x.

The developers of the dice2.win platform anticipated the wishes of the players and invited them to vary not only the amount of the bet, but also the winning coefficient. To do this, you need to choose not 1 out of 6 numbers, but any number up to 5. Thanks to this, you can increase your chances to 83.3%, and the ratio will decrease to 1.18x.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t have information about Road Map and White Paper. However, all games are quite simple, so the project is suitable even for beginners of gambling. There is also no information on innovations, but you can subscribe to telegram or twitter to get the latest news in time.

Benefits of this dapp project

The main advantage of the platform is that all processes are controlled through the smart contracts. This gives reason to call dice2.win a fair platform.

The use of the smart contract technology indicates that the project team can’t influence the outcome of the draws in any way.dice2.win

So that users don’t have any suspicions, the developers published their code on the GitHub resource. Another important feature of the project - its fees, which make up 1% of the rate, that is several times less than fees on similar resources. The creators of the project don’t provide information about the availability of audit of the smart contracts.

How to start the game in dice2.win?

Before you start the game, you need to install the MetaMask browser wallet. After installation, you need to go to the site and select one of the 4 games, presented there. Then, sync your MetaMask with the game, select a bet size and also indicate your chances of winning and rate.

Dice2.win - a platform for fair and transparent play, using ETH. To start the game, registration or deposits aren’t required and the Ethereum smart contract allows you to check the results, which makes the site reliable. Moreover, the fee for making bets is much lower than on many similar platforms - only 0.01 ETH.

dice2.win - blockchain gambling platform Statistics

24 hr: 0
Total: 61.303
(2400 days)
ATH: 171
(May 21, 2019)
24 hr: 0
Total: 1.621.284
(2400 days)
ATH: 1.594.426
(Mar 19, 2022)
24 hr: 0
Total: 4.680.911
(2400 days)
ATH: 16.306
(Aug 20, 2018)

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