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Exchange MetaMask Swap Ethereum

MetaMask Swap — the most safe way to access, store and exchange Ethereum tokens.


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Description of the MetaMask Swap project

Unlike other cryptocurrency wallets, MetaMask is privacy focused. Developers give you the ability to access, store and exchange tokens without worrying about decentralized applications or exchanges, having access to more personal data. Whether you are involved in decentralized finance or browsing Web 3.0, with MetaMask, you always have complete control over your data.

Features of use:

1 Go to and choose Android or iOS for the mobile app and choose Chrome for the desktop.
2 You can sync your MetaMask extension wallet to your mobile phone, using the MetaMask Mobile Sync feature.
3 Adding cryptocurrency to your MetaMask account allows you to invest, trade, play games, own unique digital items (NFT collectibles), and more.

MetaMask Swap ensures that you always have access to the largest selection of tokens and the most competitive prices by providing prices from multiple aggregators and individual market makers in one place. A service charge of 0.875% is automatically included in each quota to support continuous development.

Swaps find the best prices and determine which liquidity source is most efficient in terms of gas for each trade.MetaMask Swap

With swaps, you only need to approve each token once to gain access to all available liquidity on DeFi, saving you time and gas costs. Large swaps are often subject to sharp price fluctuations when there is not enough liquidity on a particular DEX. When exchanged with MetaMask, orders are distributed across almost all DEXs to reduce the impact of slippage on the final price.

Additional information

At the moment, there are no White Paper and RoadMap on the site. Instead, a large section with answers to questions is available. Also, there is a blog on the Medium platform where news articles are available.

If you want to stay up to date with all innovations, subscribe to the community on these social networks:

You can also leave your e-mail address on the site to receive a newsletter with project news. The smart contract doesn’t have an audit.

Exchange MetaMask Swap Ethereum Statistics

24 hr: 7.428
Total: 7.428
(1 days)
ATH: 20.761
(Dec 25, 2021)
24 hr: 32.315.317
Total: 32.315.317
(1 days)
ATH: 102.812.510
(Nov 11, 2021)
24 hr: 9.515
Total: 9.515
(1 days)
ATH: 31.548
(Dec 25, 2021)

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