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Pudgy Penguins
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Pudgy Penguins — cute NFT characters

Pudgy Penguins has become the world's most popular non-fungible NFT token. These chubby characters are new objects of desire for NFT collectors and regular digital figurine aficionados.


Description of the Pudgy Penguins

Sales of unique tokens of the new NFT project in secondary markets exceeded $ 11.8 million per day and overtook CryptoPunks. The Pudgy Penguin project went viral overnight thanks to a flattering story in the New York Times after being bought earlier this week by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian (aka Serena Williams' husband).

In total, the Pudgy Penguins project has issued 8,888 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each representing a different cartoon penguin.Pudgy Penguins

Each penguin from the collection has a set of characteristics, consisting of t-shirts, glasses, hats and various hairstyles. Ten percent of Pudgy Penguins' sales were $ 6.1k or less, half of sales were less than $ 9.2k, and the highest ten percent were sold at $ 13k or more.

Some features of the project:

1 The collection of 8,888 large penguins was "sold out" in just 19 minutes on July 23 and users were paying only 0.03 Eth.
2 The gray penguin - nondescript, compared to some of the others, but the only penguin in the collection, looking to the left - was the top-selling penguin, changing hands for 150 Eth.
3 Other top-selling penguins include a hatched penguin on its head, which sold for 55 EH($ 170,000), and a penguin in a shark costume that changed hands for 69 ETH ($ 213,000).

The most expensive NFT PudgyPenguins sold was Pudgy Penguin # 6873. Its price - $ 468.6 thousand.

Additional information

At the moment, White Paper and RoadMap are not available on the site. The developers provide only a brief description of the site.

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Pudgy Penguins — cute NFT characters Statistics

24 hr: 26
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(Jul 22, 2021)
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Total: 31.541
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