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SportX - exchange of bets between players on the blockchain

SportX - a betting exchanger between players, who are not related to transfers. The resource allows you to place bets in DAI. Soon, users will be able to do them in ETH. Any bets are safe for your wallet. With the support of the resource, a Sport world Tour is held, which has a series of bets with a prize fund of up to $50,000 DAI.


  1. SportX description
  2. How does dapp work?
  3. What is Dai?

SportX ETH dapp

SportX description

SportX - the world's best crypto sports betting exchange. Using it, users make equal bets with other players. This exchange has the Ethereum base and supports Dai. Service always puts its users in the first place. Using the site, you can get acquainted with its functionality in the "About" section, since WhitePaper isn’t available on the platform. SportX gives you the opportunity to bet on trading sports and political events equitably, using the Ethereum public blockchain.

During this process, the team hopes to bring cryptocurrency and smart contracts to a new level in rates. You can choose any event and confidently bet against others. There is no referral program on the site. It’s also worth mentioning some of the advantages that can be used:

  • firstly, low commissions in the industry;
  • secondly, fun tournaments;
  • thirdly, unique technologies of exchange without an imprisonment.

So that you can stay up to date with the latest updates on the service, you can subscribe to Twitter or the Telegram channel of the platform.

How does dapp work?

SportX, as a sports exchange, attracts its users with the certain characteristics:

Firstly: Unlike other sport betting platforms, your funds and payments are protected.
Secondly: Players place bets directly from their wallet.
Thirdly: Bets are held in conditional storage under the smart contracts until a winner is determined. No delays, no partial payments.

SportX is led by a team of big fans of the sports betting and defenders of the Ethereum blockchain. In view of what, the team brings the latest technology to the world of sports betting, thanks to the best experience.

We do our best to transfer power to the player. That's why we are the platform that doesn’t require deposits, is paid instantly, using a public code.SportX

The team made every effort to avoid possible risks. Such opportunities are achieved, thanks to the work of the Ethereum blockchain and the basics on the protocol of the smart contracts. This means that safety has been improved by distributing the block chains across thousands of nodes around the world.

What is Dai?

All bets on the exchange, at the moment, are made in the Dai currency. It’s a stable coin. One of the most important features of Dai - its ability to maintain a stable price. The rate is 1 DAI to 1 US dollar. Each Dai unit is provided with ether in a ratio of 1:1.5. Ether is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain. It’s also the second most popular token in the world by market capitalization. Dai's consistent value makes it an ideal coin to fuel a decentralized economy.

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