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Collaborations with brands and artists have contributed to the rebirth of The Sandbox

Collaborations with brands and artists have contributed to the rebirth of The Sandbox

Mar 5, 2024

Serious partnership relations with luxury brands and figures in the entertainment industry, as well as a focus on developing new experiences and events, helped The Sandbox metaverse withstand the prolonged bear market of cryptocurrencies. Co-founders Sebastien Borget and Arthur Madrid shared at the NFT Paris conference information about the renewed interest in the SAND token, new partnerships with companies such as Gucci and Lacoste, and The Sandbox's long-term goals to remain a home for virtual experiences in the Web3 space.

A recent report by analytical company Messari highlights the resurgence of interest in The Sandbox token (SAND) and the platform itself, pointing to a significant increase in SAND's market capitalization in the fourth quarter of 2023. Activity on the platform, including the creation and trading of in-game assets, has also grown significantly, reflecting an increase in average daily active buyers and secondary sales.

The Sandbox has established new partnership relations with luxury brands and companies such as Warner Music Group and Japanese software developer Drecom, contributing to the growing interest in the metaverse. Borget emphasized the company's experience in navigating bear markets of cryptocurrencies and its focus on creators to develop new content. He also noted that the sale of in-game assets is not the only indicator of platform activity.

In conclusion, Borget mentioned collaboration with authors, companies, and brands, with special attention to Asian markets, which have been drivers of The Sandbox growth even during the bear market. In 2023, the company held eight primary LAND sales and launched 17 avatar collections, indicating sustained interest in the metaverse from creators and players.


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