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Pixels (PIXEL)- an exciting gaming adventure built on blockchain technology

Feb 22, 2024
Pixels (PIXEL) - an exciting gaming adventure built on blockchain technology

Pixels (PIXEL) is an endless game in the GameFi genre, where participants embark on an exciting adventure to collect resources, develop skills, and complete quests. This project uniquely combines dynamic elements of classic video games with the innovative possibilities of blockchain technology.


Pixels (PIXEL) is an exciting adventure in the world of games, built on blockchain technology - news

Description of the Pixels game

At the core of Pixels' concept are key ideas:

  • joyful pastime;
  • harmonious integration;
  • step-by-step decentralization.

The creators of the game focus on captivating and immersive gameplay, aiming to provide players with an experience they will sincerely love and into which they will strive to delve deeper. Moving away from the "Play-to-Earn" model, Pixels emphasizes enriching the gameplay through exciting adventures.

Interoperability is another important aspect of Pixels, giving players the opportunity to use their virtual items and digital alter-egos in various environments. With the implementation of NFT technology, participants can link their crypto wallets and interact with unique game assets, opening new horizons for customization and personalization in the game world.

Particularly notable is Pixels' approach to decentralization. Despite aiming for full decentralization in the future, the developers recognize the need for a cautious and gradual transition. Starting with centralized control of processes and ownership of objects in the game, Pixels aims to accelerate development and ensure smooth gameplay. However, as the project evolves and the blockchain ecosystem matures, the game will gradually shift towards decentralization, giving players more freedom and control over the gameplay.

Principles of Pixels (PIXEL)

In the world of Pixels, gameplay revolves around core and supplementary mechanisms, offering players a wide range of actions. In this universe, everyone can find something to their liking: whether it's engaging in farming, diving into quest adventures, mastering cooking, or customizing personal spaces. With the upcoming introduction of new features, including pet care, pet ownership, participation in competitions, and mini-games, the game experience will continue to enrich.

The basis of gameplay in Pixels is resource gathering. Players explore the world in search of various materials such as soil, crops, wood, and water, encountering different resource rarities and specifics of their locations in various terrains. This stimulates the spirit of exploration and strategic thinking.

Farming plays a key role in the life of Pixels, offering players the opportunity to tend to their crops and participate in all stages of the agricultural cycle: from planting seeds to harvesting, including watering, fertilizing, and collecting produce. This interaction promises to be not only engaging but also a rewarding activity. The introduction of energy limits requires players to think through their actions to optimize their efforts.

Pixels also expands the gameplay horizons by introducing additional sectors such as forestry, beekeeping, and mining, opening up new possibilities for resource gathering and development.

As players progress in the game, they unlock new skills, for example, in cooking and craftsmanship, which expands their opportunities for customization and specialization.

Personalization allows players to customize their farms according to their game progress. Landowners can specialize in certain areas and efficiently manage their resources to maximize profits. The introduction of a contribution system provides players with the opportunity to collaborate, achieving common goals and creating thriving communities within the game.

Pixels (PIXEL) is an exciting adventure in the world of games, built on blockchain technology - news

PIXEL's Market Launch

Pixels debuts on the Bitget exchange, introducing a dual-token system: BERRY and PIXEL. BERRY serves as the in-game currency, providing players with the opportunity to progress in the game, while PIXEL grants access to exclusive elements, updates, and cosmetic additions within the Pixels ecosystem. Although owning PIXEL is not mandatory for game progression, it provides numerous advantages to players, including time savings, enhanced social prestige, and access to unique opportunities and items. These benefits, contributing to convenience, enjoyment, and status enhancement, are likely to significantly increase the demand and growth potential for PIXEL.

Trading PIXEL through Bitget, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges known for its high level of security, ease of use, and quality customer service, offers traders the opportunity to become part of the dynamic Pixels ecosystem. This also ensures the comfort that comes from interacting with a reliable trading platform.

How to trade PIXEL on Bitget:

Step Instructions
Step 1 Go to the PIXELUSDT spot trading page.
Step 2 Specify the desired amount and choose the order type, then execute the Buy/Sell command.

For a detailed guide on spot trading on Bitget, we recommend referring to the Bitget spot trading guide.

Pixels offers its users a unique and exciting gaming experience, merging classic gameplay with the innovations of blockchain technology. The project aims to create a fun, interconnected, and gradually decentralized gaming world, promising to unlock a new era of Web3 games for millions Web3.


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