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Guide and tools for analyzing DeFi projects

Jul 9, 2024
Guide and tools for analyzing DeFi projects

The sphere of decentralized finance is rapidly expanding, and covering all aspects of the crypto space is becoming increasingly difficult. The number of different networks, projects, applications, assets, and ways to use them is growing at an enormous speed. Specialized tools are needed to automate and simplify the process of tracking market conditions, prices, profitability, or launching new projects.

In this article, you will learn about useful tools for the DeFi space that will help efficiently process market data, make informed decisions, track profitability, and manage assets.


Guide and tools for analyzing DeFi projects - news

Platforms for DeFi data and statistics analysis

Checking DeFi projects is extremely important due to the unique characteristics and risks inherent in this rapidly developing field. Investments in DeFi are often associated with risks: users may fall victim to rug pull schemes, hacks, and may partially or completely lose their funds. A thorough analysis of the main characteristics, team, technologies, and security measures of a project helps investors make informed decisions, avoid fraud and poor-quality projects.

Conducting comprehensive checks allows for informed decision-making, risk reduction, and the identification of investment opportunities that match your goals and acceptable risk level. It also helps navigate the complex and dynamic world of DeFi better.

Some of the key tools for any activity related to cryptocurrencies are services that provide analytical data by collecting and processing information.

  1. One of the most popular services for tracking trends in the DeFi space is DefiPulse. It provides charts, statistics, protocol data, and the total amount of locked funds. The service covers DeFi applications in areas such as lending, payments, assets, decentralized exchanges, and derivatives, primarily on the Ethereum network.

  2. A similar service is DefiLama, which provides data on protocols across 11 networks. Here you can find information about TVL and token price changes in areas such as lending, insurance, staking, farming, crypto indices, and more. The site also has a user-friendly interface, pleasant design, and filters for searching solutions by required parameters.

  3. Token Terminal is an analytical dashboard with charts and financial metrics that provides data on a wide range of crypto assets and DeFi products. This resource is useful for tracking the state of individual markets or projects, as well as finding the best prices, rates, or profitability.

  4. Dune Analytics is a platform for creating and studying crypto analytics with access to thousands of different dashboards. It allows users to query, process, and visualize vast amounts of data collected from Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, and Solana blockchains. Any user can create their own information dashboards for free for presentations or trading decisions.

  5. Nansen is a useful tool for network analytics that allows marking addresses and tracking their activity on the blockchain. This can be useful for both retail and institutional investors. Additionally, the platform offers an NFT leaderboard, as well as information panels, charts, and statistical data upon request.

  6. Bloxy provides real-time analytical reports, such as arbitrage analysis or transactions on decentralized exchanges, smart contract statistics, dApps, and more. Using this resource, users can create reports and charts based on data from various token standards, analyze DEX exchanges, smart contracts, transactions, and other available blockchain data. The platform also provides processed data on a provided blockchain address, such as its analysis, statistics, or activity.

  7. Dappradar is a useful tool for tracking and analyzing the NFT market, developing tools for studying and monitoring various DeFi markets and managing decentralized applications. The platform provides information and statistical data on over 800 NFT projects from 10 blockchain networks, blockchain and NFT games, DeFi applications, and decentralized exchanges.

Guide and tools for analyzing DeFi projects - news

Aggregators of decentralized project information

DeFi aggregators collect deals from various decentralized financial platforms in one place, allowing users to save time and increase the efficiency of cryptocurrency transactions. Decentralized applications are distributed across different blockchains, such as Ethereum and BNB Chain. Each blockchain has its own ecosystem of isolated financial protocols.

A wide selection of different protocols is useful for diversifying investments and obtaining the best returns from crypto lending. However, overall efficiency and ease of use suffer because financial information is scattered across many protocols. In such cases, DeFi aggregators come to the rescue.

Platform Description and Features Supported Networks
DeFi Rate Updated data on lending rates on decentralized platforms - Finding the best liquidity pools on various platforms in the Ethereum network. Liquidity data, yield history, activity Ethereum Aggregator of liquidity pools, lending protocols, and Yield Farming. Wallet connection, bridge between Ethereum and Polygon, Ethereum address explorer, management tools Ethereum, BSC, Polygon
Moontools Tools for trading and analyzing the DeFi market. Information on trading pairs, projects, and pools, trading interface on Uniswap, blockchain address explorer Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, xDAI
DexTools Tools for analyzing the DeFi market and managing positions. Analytical tools, pair explorer, blockchain address analysis Ethereum, Polygon, BSC
Zerion Interface for displaying data from a connected wallet. Data on positions in staking and farming pools, liquidity pools, rates, asset management -

The presented tools allow for effective coverage of the decentralized finance space for investing and trading. To avoid wasting time searching for necessary information and not scattering your attention, it is important to choose and master tools that meet your goals and objectives, considering their convenience and design. Aggregators of data, tool panels, and analytical platforms are an important step towards popularizing and making cryptocurrencies accessible to a wide audience.


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